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Times have changed and the world is moving so fast college and Uni courses are struggeling to stay relevant. The job market is decreasing and by 2025 there will be 46% fewer jobs. Arm yourself with the knowledge and realisation that in light of these stats there has never been a better time to start a business, carve out your dream career and design your own destiny. 


The digital revolution has given you the opportunity to achieve the kind of social mobility previous generations could only buy a lottery ticket and dream of. 


You have it all. Because in your hand right now is a mobile smartphone with wifi! That is your lottery ticket. 

4Elementz is here to teach you how. Sign up for your new FREE course, read our blogs and check out our videos. Start something that will change your life.


4Elementz is a social enterprise mentoring young people realise their potential and achieve social mobility. Delivering online courses to young people around the UK and abroad. As well as running local workshops at our base in Cornwall, UK.   


Community Arts projects

4Elementz has 5 years of experience in delivering community projects. We have been awarded funding from the lottery and the Arts Council during that time that has helped us deliver a range of exciting creative projects. The project has always been aimed to young people at risk of offending with the objective to inspire positive life change though music and media. 


We are currently exploring our ambision to have a gallery of art work produced by local young people at Heartlands. More on that to follow...

Latest News

4Elementz Founder Kelly Thorne releases her BossStrategy course FREE on in our Members club.


Get a FREE course guide on how to start to earn extra income following your dream career and being your own boss. 


you dont need investment or a Uni degree you just need to know the strategy to success.