Hiphop inspired education

4Elementz CIC is a unique community project using hip-hop culture to engage hard to reach young people, unite communities and deliver diversity training to professionals.


Aiming to reduce the risk of offending and social exclusion while celebrating multi cultural Britain


Active in our aims through;

Diversity training for professions using street art

Street art youth and community projects 

Teaching Rap therapy and English literature skills using Rap music

Prisons education courses

Designing and producing education materials 


Hip-hop and street art is a powerful tool which can drive social change, unite communities and

redirects many lives. 

Latest Project News

Black lives Cornwall

Launching our new project for 2021. Funded by the National lottery awards for all and Arts Council England.


This street art project will tell the untold stories of black lives in Cornwall. 4Elementz is committed to celebrating multi cultural Britain and reducing inequalities. This project will produce research, a book, an exhibition and run workshops.


We will use street art as a medium to engage our audience and our young people on the workshops. For more info click below.

Youth work

4Elementz are currently running youth street art inspired workshops in Camborne. We also run 1 to 1 sessions in Rap therapy creative writing skills.


Teaching creative skills and inspiring creative hobbies and careers. We aim to build confidence and improve mental wellbeing. 


This project is funded by Children in Need. 



The Art of Rap

We have a unique Literature studies hip-hop education course available.


The Art of Rap course has a workbook you fill in. 


Specially designed to engage young people whom rap music resinates. Teaching a subject like English literature in this way massively improves engagement and increases learning. 

Staff Diversity training

Our equality and diversity training for professionals delivers up to date guidance, education, along with engaging the group in creative street art actives.


We cover topics such as, race, gender, class, sexuality, and learning differences such as dyslexia.