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When you tell someone to get a job, you are telling them to give up on their free time for someone else to get rich off them.
 When you tell a person who has never worked and survived on benefits and dabbling in crime to get a job, it’s even more insulting. If someone has little or no employment experience and educational qualification, their prospects are beyond bleak. You are sending them off to an existence where they will lose all of their free time for an unlivable wage. For an uninspiring job that will drain their self-worth and offer little to no prospects. 
Why would a drug dealer who enjoys their free time, having no boss, choosing his own hours for a larger pay packet – TaxFree! Give that up for a minimum wage 0 hours contract?
You may feel outraged by this statement. But get real, we live in a time where there are less and less jobs around. Many are low income and for zero hours contract. The economy and the job market has changed drastically. As time goes on and technology develops there will be even less tradition jobs round. 
Going to college or even university no longer guarantees you a job. I would even argue that a lot of formal education is becoming out of date. These days people can teach themselves many skills just watching YouTube for free!
Our education system is outdated, our prison system is flooded with drugs and there is little or no actual rehabilitation offered to offenders. I was a probation officer for seven years and can witness the probation service is totally useless with regard to offering offenders any assistance with education, employment or training. The focus is on giving offenders a basic qualification in English and maths, which no employee gives a shit about. I never witnessed anyone use it to go onto further education. The other big offer, is the forklift license or CSCS card to work on a building site. Great, but not everyone wants to work on a building site in all weathers do they? Why are we typecasting people? Why are they not moving with the times and offering IT courses?
After seeing hundreds of offenders offered forklift licenses I never saw any get a job driving a forklift in the seven years I worked there.
So let's just stop! With this outdated advice and let's look forward. 
There is good news for offenders and all groups in society that have previously felt discriminated against or prejudice in the workplace. There has been a rise in entrepreneurs from all kinds of backgrounds making money online. 
With little or no money to invest you can create income online just using free social media sites. Yes that's right you don't need qualifications, no one will judge you for your criminal record, your tattoos, the way you dress and you can turn up stoned to work! 
This is revolutionary because we are moving into a new way of business that allows social mobility at a level we never imagined possible. 
So why doesn't government staff tell offenders to keep hustling but change the product to a legal one… Why don't we give them training, inspiration and support to start their own online businesses? Why? I can tell you why, because the people in jobs at probation, the job centre, the prison service don't know anything about making money online or being an entrepreneur. Because if they did they would leave their jobs today! 
They tell you to work as a slave for someone else, give up all your time, crush your dreams and aspirations with their ‘reality check’ because that's the life they signed up for. They are overworked, underpaid and facing job cuts because they don't know any different. All their life they have been told to get a job and pay a mortgage. It's all they know. 
So I say to offenders and the staff in the system reading this, go over to YouTube and start learning. Open your mind to the idea that you can design your own destiny. All you need is a smartphone, a laptop Wi-Fi and the confidence to succeed. There are free coaching courses everywhere on social media. Get started to survive our crumbling system. 
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