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 Grime is a music scene and a culture. It's rising fast not just in the UK but it's quickly gaining international recognition. It's appeal is wide ranging from children in school to men in prison. Who would have thought the UK would cultivate its own version of hip-hop. Of course, like hip-hop, it's more than just music. Its clothes, slang, dance, art. It's argued that it's popularity will expand into mainstream pop so much so that it will blur from Grime to just being popular music. The excitement of the rise of this fundamentally DIY culture has captivated and capitalised. With students writing dissertations on the subject to young entrepreneurial ventures.


 There are many ways to make money within this broad culture of Grime. Careers that can be started with no investment. With a new generation of millennial entrepreneurs rejecting the old school corporate world in favour of following their passions, we live in exciting times.


 Here are some careers in Grime;


  1.  Let's do the obvious first. The Grime MC. You don't need a record label, in fact, many big names don't. Akala being one who has stayed independent. A record labels job is to promote but self-promotion through social media and live bookings is simple enough. What an MC does need is to produce quality recordings and videos. This can be done on a small budget and with a team of others on this list around you.
  2.  The producer. Mixers and beat makers are daughters after in this industry with a sea of MC’s needing a regular supply. Work is easy to find. Getting them to pay you is another matter. Build your reputation and don't give too much away and you will be valued.
  3.  The Promoter. Notoriously unpopular with artists for not paying MC’s their worth. There's a lot of scope for a promoter to put on great events. Any event comes with a lot of stress. Networking and looking after your artists are key. Venues need good promoters to pack their bars and Artists need them to get their names out.
  4.  The DJ. Another key role in the culture. We all need a DJ and all they need is a good venue and some funds for some kit. If your good and network well theirs a prosperous career on the nightlife scene, Radio and podcasts.
  5.  The photographer/videographer. This career has become prominent in recent year on Instagram and YouTube being the main channels for the artist to build their audience. Quality camera work is in much demand and artist can afford the kit more do they have the time to edit. There's a profitable career in this with good marketing and networking.
  6.  The clothing designer. This is a long-standing sideline for an artist which has been around since Wu-Tang. It's easier to sell a t-shirt for £20 than give away for cd for free!
  7.  Social media strategists. Yes, this is a new one. For all, you Grime fans with social media marketing degrees give this one a thought. This DIY scene relies on social media and many artists don't know what they're doing. There's money in coaching artist, handling marketing for events or starting your own profiles driving tragic to websites, blogs where you could sell a products or your own or other affiliates.
  8.  Following on from 7 make money from grime online by starting a website. Bring grime fans to your page turn them into cash. There are many ways to do this. You could sell people's music clothing or event tickets and take a commission. This is called affiliate links.
  9.  Community funded projects. Got a passion for helping your community and want to use Grime to engage the young people you want to help. Set yourself up as a community interest company and apply for funding. This could cover the costs for a music studio, youth group staff or camera equipment.
  10.  You tube channels. Yes you know SBTV changed everything. Jamal the founder is a millionaire and an inspiration to many young entrepreneurs. It's free to set up but propelling it to a money making level takes some serious work. Quality is key. Promoting it to attract views is a skill. You can turn this into cash in many ways. Advertising and affiliate links are the main way because you won't get the artist to pay you. View themselves can me monetized but that's not going to be much unless your turning millions of views. But again your audience will lead to people wanting to sell their products through you.


 So there are 10 ways to make money in Grime culture. The average millionaire has 7 income streams so using a combination of these will give you more P.


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