How to promote your music


  In this DIY age of the music, industry artist need to multi-task and manage their own marketing. Even artist with a label has to now handle their Instagram and Twitter accounts. In this digital age, people want to get to know the artist personally and see the behind the scenes storey. It's a form of branding. For those without a deal, this is even more vital. You can build a career in music using these free channels to self-promote.


 We all know those MC’s who think they are the best and hype up there success but you visit their Insta and they have 300 followers and a bunch of photo pics of their weed. It's poor game.


 If your serious about making a career as an artist then after you step out of the booth it's all about networking and promoting. Music quality is, of course, paramount but with not marketing how are you making it for?


 Here's how to promote your music;

  •  Live music events. Get bookings for clubs and festivals. If your work hard and can help pack out that bar you need to be getting paid. Too many promoters slack of the artists. Know your worth. Charge. To get started. Message promoters and smaller festivals. Network like crazy. Introduce yourself everywhere you go. Jump on the mic when it's open. Don't miss an opportunity.
  •  Insta is vital. Start a business profile attached to your private one. You can do a private one but it looks more legit. Fill in the bio and put a link to your YouTube page or website.
  •  Start a YouTube page and get on other people. Only shoot in 4k with rode mic quality sound. If you film on your phone the sound will be shit and whatever you do the film with the phone landscape not portrait (upright). iPhones now film in 4k which is good but the sound is still amateur. GoPro date good but buy a £30 external GoPro mic. So quality is key. All the grime channels will turn away shit quality. Remember to keep posting your YouTube videos on Facebook and Insta.
  •  Facebook. Get off your personal page for god sake. You don't need your nan commenting on your videos. Again a business page. Facebook isn't what it was but used with Insta is still necessary. Also, pay for post boosts or Facebook ads. For £5 you can get a few thousand to view your post. It's a very affordable way to advertise. Makes you look like a pro if you put some money on an ep launch advert on Facebook. You can target reach an age group in your area that is into Grime.
  •  Share audiences. Featuring on others music and YouTube channels allow you to tap into other people audiences and get noticed. This builds your following. Because of who you collab with as can work the opposite way.
  •  Network. The old school method of handing out your mixtape hasn't gone away. Always have them handy and put your Insta and YouTube links on the covers. Network with other artists at festivals and events it a great way to learn from each other and get shout out from others. It's a supportive scene people like to help up and coming artists.
  •  Get on radio and podcasts. Still an effective way to get known. Email and DM DJ’s send them your video links.
  •  Pro photography. Get a photographer to raise your image with some professional images for your Insta and Facebook. It separates the amateur s from the serious contenders. Good photography can change how people view you. It can make you raise your game with the image as well.
  •  Sound cloud. Putting free music on Sound Cloud is a good way to showcase what you're about. But don't do it until you are making profession music. Hold back in the beginning until you have developed as an artist. Once you are established only put out free mixtapes, keep the rest for iTunes and Spotify and charge. Again know your worth.
  •  Watch your image. This is so important if you want to succeed you need to separate yourself from any negative public images. That's everything from airing your relationship issues on your Facebook status to being publicly involved in crime. Some young men think that to be a successful artist they have to get know for violence, weapons or shorting. That's bollocks. It's backfiring on artists as well. Many are filming music videos with weapons and the police are showing those videos in court as evidence when they are up in a case. Only a fool would incriminate themselves and think they are boosting their image.


 So there are 10 ways to promote yourself as a music artist and turn your music into a real career. For more on careers in Grime subscribe, follow us and sign up for our membership at  www.4elementz.co.uk 

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