Want to make your own music videos?

What equipment do you need?

  For aspiring music videographers and MC’s that want to make their own videos, here's our 4elementz guide on what equipment you need to film a music video or freestyle.


 Quality is key in this business. It can be the difference in a promoter booking you or ignoring you. If you look like a pro they will expect to pay you. If you look cheap you won't be valued as people will assume you're not getting paid and that's why you can't afford a pro video.


 Not everyone has money to invest early on. So here's a guide to filming on different budgets.


 If you don't have any money the best thing you can do is find a media student that's in college and ask them to film. Media students a great resource as they can borrow the best kit and they are usually keen to do so.



 If you can't find one and really want to do it yourself then. The lowest cost kit I can advise is an iPhone. The 8 and X now film in 4k. But the sound will be average if you're filming a freestyle. If it's a music video then that's fine. You can buy a mic that connects to your phone and pins on your collar for only £36. But this or just using your phone mic will be no good outside in the wind. The mic will need a little windshield cover (those furry grey things).


 To edit you can use iMovie which is free. That's fine if cutting up and adding different frames and laying your music track or the beat for a freestyle over. Of course, you still need a mac for this. There is a very basic one on your iPhone apps. But it's quite fiddly doing in on a phone. You can pick up a second hand referred mac for £300+


 For a mid-budget.


 You want a camera and good mic but you're limited on funds and camera knowledge. Your options are;

 Pick up a GoPro 4k £300 for the hero 4, buy the external mic with windshield £40. The go pro mic is shit. You will need a stick £10 or even better an electronic gimble £180. The gimble is some serious kit. It makes super stable footage by steadying the camera. You can run with it and it just glides. Only downside as it's only wide angle so no close-up shots. It's not great in really low light so gigs are average quality. Total £350-£530


 The other option is picking up an SLR camera but with no photography knowledge there isn't much point and the 4k filming ones cost a fortune so it's not worth it. Back in the 1080p days, you could film on these for about £300 but standards have gone up and most YouTube channels don't except 1080p. A 4k SLR will set you back £2,000.



 Pro option for amateur filmers.


 You can get a 4k sony hand held the camcorder for £599 and a steady handle for just £30.

 This coupled with a external rode mic for £130

 and a memory card £30,

 And a led panel light £25 plus a light and mic holder £10.

 Total £825


 That's well worth your time and money. You can point and shoot, it's stable and the sound stops on. The light will be perfect for filming in dark clubs.


 To edit the best videos use an iMac or pc and use Final Cut Pro or adobe.


 For more on making music videos and freestyles check out our YouTube channel

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