The Art of Lyrical Writing - My Work Experience Experience

People use lyrical writing to express how they are feeling by putting all of their thoughts into lyrics. Like stories of their past or things that are bothering them. While I have been at 4Elementz for work experience, I have been writing lyrics and producing a background track for my final project for this week.


I have taken influence from my idols to improve my lyrical abilities and produce better content, I have also been taught how to use lyrics to fit a beat and been shown how to produce a stylized music video, including all of the camera angles and techniques to make it good, such as action and static movement.


While I have been here at 4Elementz I have also learned how to use photography to create a quality album cover, which is extremely important to a musical career. In conclusion, I personally believe that my time here at 4Elementz has been enriching and has given me a lot of knowledge and experience to pursue a career of my choice.


By Jake aged 15 from Camborne Science International Academy. 

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