Behind the scenes media project with Camborne School group

Behind the scenes with 4Elementz


The creation of the music video was a relatively long process due to the inclusion of music, video, photographs, editing, and overall composition of it all together put into one video. 


The production process began with the original idea and music concept, from there everything began to build up which started with being given an example of a music video to see what elements could be used. From there we went outside to begin the photography stage, dividing into 2 groups and getting some images as examples of what could be included into the video, followed up by a regrouping where we began to use cameras to create the footage we could use later (after being chopped and changed).


The camera I used had a wider view that was to be used as a “Behind the scenes” to add different perspectives to the video footage, alongside the other shots from the other cameras. I  recorded everything on camera to make sure nothing was missed, while also catching some things that need to be removed and other things I could have missed if I hadn’t been recording. That footage was then copied from the camera onto the laptop, then onto a USB to be edited so it can be put into the video.


The next day we did the same again but with the use of a drone for some bird’s eye view shots, as well as some shots of the drone from the ground, again to be loaded onto the laptop and put on a USB to be edited. 


In terms of the other elements such as music and vocals, they were to be recorded once the lyrics had been conceived, then to have the microphones tested and set up to make sure the sound is clear and at a regulated volume, finishing with the final recording of the lyrics. 


The final stage was to have the edited footage, music, and lyrics put together and synced up to finish off the final product of the music video, with final editing to the video itself to make sure everything is organised  and at a standard ready for completion. 


By Charlie age 15 from Camborne Science International Accedemy


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