Mission statement

Our mission is to create social mobility of disadvantaged young people at risk of offending, substance misuse & social exclusion


We aim to increase community engagement in creative arts 


4Elementz aims to inspire and empower disadvantaged people in the community to start their own creative hobbies and careers


4Elementz History


 4Elementz was founded in 2012 by Kelly Thorne a probation officer for Devon and Cornwall. After having been awarded the innovation award 2012 for her Rap Therapy work in prisons, she was inspired to leave and set up 4Elementz.  


4Elementz has always been funded by the lottery other charities. For the first five years, the primary focus was working with local young Rap artists at risk of offending. Kelly Thorne produced music and media portfolios for the beneficiaries and provided work experience placements. The project has enabled a number of the long-running members to flourish and build a career in music. 


Our future goal is to roll out a range of free workshops for schools and youth organisation to book for free. These will provide an opportunity for a large group of young people who would not normally be able to access creative arts training and production services. We also aspire to creating the first comprehensive online rehabilitation hub for people at risk of offending or people in recovery. Change course is in it creation pilot stage currently. 

4Elementz Team

Kelly Thorne

Founder and Senior Director




Employment history:

Probation Officer for Devon & Cornwall Probation Area (DCPA) 2007-2012

Winner of the 2012 Award for Innovation for Rap therapy work in prisons- from DCPA


Professional qualification in criminal justice

Criminal Justice Degree

Masters in American Politics

Degree in Politics and Social Policy.


Jake Small



Music Artist


Jake has worked with the project from the beginning and became a Director in 2016. 


Jake is well connected in the UK Grime Music Scene and is able to connect our projects to a wide audience.


Jason Seecherrran



Music Artist


Seech has been a volunteer with 4Elementz since we started and his professional input has been invaluable.

He is now a Director and a sessional worker.

Our partners and funders

4Elementz works with many other agencies;

Devon and Cornwall Police



Bosence Farm rehabilitation Centre


Local Schools

Local university and colleges


Other social enterprises



Awards for all National Lottery

Arts Council

Crime beat

Cornwall community foundation


Policies & checks

If you are working with us and your agency needs to see our full policy, DBS checks and public liability insurance document pack please request it here


All 4Elementz staff are DBS checked and qualified to work with children and vulnerable adults. We have a strict safeguarding policy that can be requested when required. Volunteers do not work with children unless they are CRB checked and supervised. 


We are committed to protecting children and vulnerable adults and engaging with other agencies.


Down load our full child protection policy here


Download our Policies

Child Protection Policy
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Health and Safety Policy
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Lone Working Policy
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Data protection
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Equal-Opportunities-Policy 4Elementz.doc
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