Audio Insult

Hiphop music project

Audio Insult AKA Paul Lynn is a MC from Coventry based in Cornwall. Having worked with local MC's and been in local and international hiphop artist collectives such as Global Hit Makers, Audio Insult has established a network of artists in this genre. Coming from a peer group that resinates with HipHop music and culture he has found many benefits in the music scene.


As an ex prisoner he has found a huge benefit in listening to Hiphop and writing lyrics to over come hard times in and outside of jail. With this experience behind him he has developed a positive outcome and used his experience to inspire others to write and analysis hiphop music as a form of therapy. Having designed a hiphop education course he is working with Change Course Hub to distribute the course in his local prisons.  


Though working with 4Elementz Audio Insult has worked with music producers and has experience running music production workshops in the community aiming to help disadvantaged people get free studio time. 


Passionate about Hip-hop and helping others like him gain positive from music such as gaining self esteem, helping with mental health issues and using it to reduce the risk of substance misuse and offending, Audio Insult has started his own community project.


The Audio Insult Music Project aims to offer free music writing and music production workshops and sessions so disadvantaged people can gain a portfolio of music. The project also aims to distribute a hiphop education course in England prisons and in the local community. There will also be a street art mural workshop in Redruth which aims to use Audios Insults other artistic passion of drawing. The public art piece will reflect a local community who does not usually have a voice and will hopefully inspire others to follow their creative passions. 



Book a free music studio session

Free sessions are available to local disadvantaged people how would like to use studio recording equipment. This dose not include mastering tracks but the audios can be sent away to be mixed by a producer. Based in Pool Innovation Centre next to Cornwall College. Great for people starting out who need practice and guidance.