<Music Careers · 13. December 2017
How to promote yourself as a music artist without​ a record company. In this modern ae its never been more accessible toshowcase​e your music and build an audience. Heres how to get started
<Music Careers · 13. December 2017
Here are 10 ways you can make money in the Grime scene and carve out a dream career for yourself. You don't​ need money or a uni degree. Just some dedication and creativity.

<Music Careers · 13. December 2017
A step by step guide to equipment and editing tips designed to help you make your own music videos on any budget.
Starting a business · 13. December 2017
Having extra income streams can lift you out of poverty, help you though Uni or get you out of that 9-5 minimum wage job. Here are some top ideas that need little to no​ investment.

19. August 2017
Why we need to rethink unemployment training for ex-offenders​. We live in a changing world. Agencies need to stop telling them to get a low wage job and start encouraging them to follow their aspirations. We live in an exciting age where you can start your own business with no investment. The digital revolution can help social mobility and open doors for ex-offenders.