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Kelly Thorne (Kexx) is an experienced artist having curated several exhibitions including in the Cornwall Royal Museum. Project managed 8 years of Arts council and lottery funded community arts projects and has commissioned work under her belt.


Using hiphop culture to engage hard to reach young people in 2012 when she won the Devon and Cornwall Probation award for innovation for her rap therapy work in prisons. Since then she founded 4Elementz and using hiphop culture and her media skills combined with her probation officer skills designed a project that would positively impact on many young lives and the local community as a whole. She has successfully completed 8 years of grant funded projects and has a large portfolio of work under her belt.


Successes include;

Project managing and Rap therapy workshops. Kelly has launched a peer to peer community rap studio, designing and publishing the Art of Rap workbook used by YOI and prisons, years of workshops with schools, prisons and community groups helping young people learn new music and media skills. Her work and mentoring has launched many creative careers for disadvantaged local people and build a lasting music and creative arts scene in the deprived area of Camborne.Ten years on since she started using rap lyrics to engage prisoners she is now one of the UK's leading experts in Rap Therapy.


International photographer Kelly has worked as a professional photographer for ten years having several photography exhibitions locally, published work and with a special interest in telling stories of people from around the world.  


Heritage & art fusion with a passion for her local post industrial heritage you will often see a lot of heritage influencing her work as a photographer, print maker and street artist. In 2020/2021 Kelly bought a derelict shop in Camborne and transformed it into a wonderful gallery of local photography and historical items. The Shaft Gallery project was a great success and will lead to future similar projects.


Kexx is an up and coming street artist in her own right. She has received arts council funding for an Empowering women in street art project. Here the aim will be to paint positive images of women and tell their stories, improving women's representation in history and in British culture. She has already successfully project managed numerous local murals locally and hopes to start a movement for more legal street art areas locally.. 


Check out her instagram for more of her work @kexx_streetartist


Workshop teacher

Kexx is an experienced workshop and youth art mentor. With 8 years of teaching workshops in art to a range of people including, in prison, in schools, to youth groups and to adults. Specialising with children at risk of exclusion and people in custody. Workshops have included teaching Media skills, photography, videography, rap lyric writing, studio recording, street art and print making.  

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