What do we do?

Our projects


Arts Projects

We run art workshops with school, youth groups and adult groups in the commuity. The projects centre around visual arts such as photoraphy, design, make up artistry and music. 


Rap therapy

Workshops on writing and analysing rap lyrics. Promoting creative hobbies and personal expression.


Careers & business

The promotion of aspiring to achieve your dream career and forfill potential. With a focus around social media marketing skills



Rap Therapy


4Elementz has been running rap therapy workshops for five years. Currently, we work with Hungry Sounds Studio and offer free or subsidised studio time for young people at risk of offending.


We engage this hard to reach group using their interest in music and media. 

By creating professional portfolios, building artists self-esteem and developing a career in music we can build more positive futures. 


Previous projects have taken place in local prisons, rehab centres and in groups in the community. We aim to use rap music, which resonates with this target group, to inspire positive life change.



4Elementz runs a local community business mentoring programme. We teach business start-up skills and social media marketing.


The programme is aimed at those disadvantaged, at risk of crime or social excluded, who are not suited to a 9-5 salary job. Also those who would be more likely to reach their potential in a creative career working for themselves. 


This is a paid programme, but some beneficiaries can be financed under funding we receive for disadvantaged young adults at risk of offending or social exclusion. 


We also run workshops and can be booked to do talks for schools or organisations. Take a look at our information page.  

Community arts


 4Elementz run a number of projects encouraging young people to engage in Art, get inspired and gain new skills.


Our next project:

May - November 2018

Arts and Sounds project


An Arts Council funded project engaging young people to work towards a gallery display of photography and music performance. Aimed at benefiting two groups of young teenagers and adults that are at risk of social exclusion.


This project will work towards a gallery display and open evening which will take place at Camborne Library in December 2018.


For more information about our projects go to out Arts projects page.