Arts projects


4Elementz is a Camborne/Redruth based community project which receives funding from the Arts Council, Lottery and other community funds. We have a unique opportunity to offer local partners in schools, youth services and agencies working with disadvantaged adults. In these times of budget restraints, it can be good news to here there is a free service your school or organization can access. Here is a little information about what we can offer, if you have any questions or would like to set up a meeting please get in contact.


 We have a number of up and coming projects available this year and next year we will have a full program. The projects teach creative workshops on; photography, videography, makeup artistry, graphic design, social media and music production. We are keen on outcomes that will allow students to produce their own portfolio of work and also have the opportunity to contribute to public exhibitions we will run. Are aim is always to reduce social exclusion and improve life chances.


We aim to benefit young people at risk of social exclusion. This means students at risk of expulsion from school, those at risk of offending or substance misuse and also those at risk of being victims of crime. This can be a broad target group but we do want to direct our limited resources towards those who will benefit the most from the experience. That is not to say we wouldn’t consider a group of students that may not currently be at risk but who you feel could benefit from the positive activity to focus them on their studies and careers. Of course, this area is economically deprived so there is an argument that all the children could benefit from more projects like ours. 


Workshops will be led by myself Kelly Thorne. I have been running community projects for 5 years and used to be a probation officer locally. I am also a photographer, artist and I teach social media and business courses. I have a number of other professionals that I will hire to help teach sessions. They are local photographers make up artists, music artists etc. All staff have the necessary checks and qualifications. 


Current projects recruiting groups now;

Community arts and sounds project starting in May till October 2018.

This will be an opportunity for students to learn photography and videography and produce a gallery exhibition in Heartlands.

We have the capacity to run workshops with 4 small groups. We would want groups to work with us over the six-month period. 


We can run workshops in your school or organization as an after school club. We also have the opportunity for some sessions at heartlands over the summer. August 7th, 15th and 22nd. 


Students will get a portfolio of their work as well as an opportunity to contribute to the gallery. The local media and public will be invited to an open evening at heartlands in October for the launch. 


Up and coming projects

Visual arts project

Make up artistry and photography

This project is currently awaiting funding and could start this summer, ending in December. 

We will aim this group at females but will not exclude interested males. We wanted to design a project that appeals to females as many of our project tend to be more attractive to males. 

The students will attend workshops and learn photography, graphic design and make up artistry. The focus will be Instagram and Pinterest professional imagery. We will hire models and make-up artists and provide the student the opportunity to get us use our top pro equipment and make up kits. 

The outcome will be all students will have a certificate, portfolio and will be able to design and plan their own exhibition at Heartlands. This will also have an open evening. 


Future projects planned for later this year and next year


·     More photography projects with different elements added from make up to graphic design


·     Several social media workshops, talks and courses focusing on a range of subjects from staying safe online, fake news a critical analysis of social media information, domestic abuse and bullying online education, how social media can enhance your career and business start up. 


·     Music workshops focusing around Grime and rap music. Lyric writing and music production.