Untold Cornish Stories

Funded by The Heritage lottery 2022

Project overview

About -The traditional teaching of Cornish history is in serious need of review. It lacks racial diversity, rarely includes anything about women's lives and contributions and romanticises our industrial mining history and negative impact in the colonies.  Our project will celebrate our diverse Cornish heritage and aim to build an inclusive Cornish heritage sector.

Though our research we have found Cornwall has had a black community since 1600’s but hardly anything has been written and nothing has been correlated into any kind of resource. Likewise, there are fascinating and inspiring stories of women and LBGTQ people that need to be told. Over all we feel our industrial history and links to the colonies need to be reworded to include the full truth in National Trust properties, local museums and in materials distributed to the schools. Cornish history tends to celebrate our industrial mining with no acknowledgement to the negative realities that faced poor workers, women and people in the British colonies. Nor does it tell the stories of Cornish men and women that fought for people rights and the inspiration stories about those that survived against the odds.
Ambition- To tell the fascinating untold stories of black lives, women and LBGTQ people's lives and retell Cornish history to reflect a narrative that is appropriate for modern Britain.
The aim is to;
1:) Conduct new exciting research calling on local families with photos, documents and histories to deposit in our archives and use in our project. This will be especially important with local black families who have never been asked to deposit. We will also research using existing research, archive deposits and interview historians with information that will help us grow this exciting project
2:) correlate our research into a series of small books and learning packs to be distributed to local schools and libraries.
3:) We also want to provide a Diversity history training of museum staff, teachers and professional working in the field of Cornish Heritage locally and internationally.
4:) Creating a lasting resource and spreading knowledge of untold history. Though an online YouTube channel and donation of all of our research into the Cornish Archive Kresen Kernow
5:) Run a series of community history groups exploring and gathering research based in the Cornish Archives space Kresen Kernow.
Heritage- Cornish heritage need to represent all people of Cornwall. There also need to be some revision of how we talk about well-known Cornish history so tell the full story and do not glorify and gloss over uncomfortable facts from our colonial and industrial history.

Spend money on- Printing and designing the education materials, public lecture time for guest speakers, filming and social media costs to promote and create a lasting online resource, Facebook ads to promote events, a sessional worker who is an experienced project manager, historian and trainer to lead the project.