Rap & Arts Therapy

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For over 6 years 4Elementz has been working with young rap artists. The project started in a local prison mentoring offenders who wrote rap lyrics as a great hobby and personal therapy. 


The projects grew to provide professional music videos, studio recordings and professional portfolios for local artists who were at risk of offending or social exclusion. 


Rap music from hip-hop to UK Grime resonates with young offenders far more than any other type of music. We use it to engage this hard to reach the group and build careers fro a passion. 


We are available to be booked to run rap therapy or music production groups in the community or for individuals who want to get started in their career. Contact us for more info


Book studio time

We have teamed up with Hungry sounds studio to offer the young people we work with free or discounted studio time. 


Hungry sounds studio is based in Camborne and is a fully equipped studio. It is a unique recording space as it specialises in grime music. 


You can access music production and mentoring support here as well as music video and freestyle video production. 


Available for any level of artist.