Rap Therapy

What is Rap Therapy? 4Elementz designed a rap therapy programme to help engage hard to reach young people that had an interest in writing rap lyrics. We found that many people find it therapeutic to write rap lyrics and say it helps 'get things off their chest'. This has been the basis for our rap therapy work for the last 10 years. Working with children at risk of exclusion from school, on probation with the Youth offending Team and adults in prison and on probation.


We also take many self referrals and utilise our peer to peer studio to attract many at risk young people. The bulk of our young people are at risk of offending and a growing number have involvement with the county lines gangs. We aim to work to help them reduce their risk of offending and build a future that will allow them to for-fill their potential. 

The Art of Rap

Literature studies workbook

Our workbook is a great way for young people to learn English literature skills by using rap lyrics. The aim is to improve their writing skills and learn to analyse literature, poems and lyrics. Reengaging them in traditional education and boosting their self esteem by using their love and knowledge of rap music.  This workbook consists of exercises and information to complete a well rounded English literature programme of study.  

Here is a peek inside our workbook

We offer a bulk order for prisons, classrooms, agencies that are working 1 to 1 with young people or anyone that is interested. Contact us and we will see what we can offer you. 

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