What we do

Since 2013, 4Elementz has been investing in local talent and helping young MC's build their music and media portfolios. Engaging young disadvantaged adults and teens though music and media with an urban theme we have benefited over a hundred young people and adults and build a local Grime scene in Cornwall. 


Though the production of music and media the artists in our MC promotion programme and our creative workshops have been able to gain new skills, show case their talent and develop positive hobbies and improve employability. 


Our Peer to peer music studio has helped many young people record their music for the first time as well as engage in lyric writing sessions and mentoring with peer musicians and MC's. 


4Elementz has also become a lead in the UK for its Rap Therapy work. A unique way to engage hard to reach young people and teach lyric writing and traditional English literature skills using rap lyrics. The Art of Rap work book and a professionals guide to rap therapy is now available to buy. We also run professionals training and group workshops.


Check out our YouTube Channel, galleries and case studies of our previous projects for a flavour of what we are about. 


Building a street art scene in Camborne and Redruth. We are leading the way to turning our local deprived post industrial town in to a creative scene for thriving artists. Commissioning local artist to do murals and running workshops in street art with young people. We are achieving big things that are having a huge local impact. 

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