4Elementz training for professionals

Creative arts diversity training

Who are 4Elementz? Community interest company based in Cornwall inspired by hip-hop culture and creative arts. 
Our mission; To reduce inequalities and social exclusion though creative arts led education.
We specialise in;
 -Designing and delivering innovative creative approaches working with young people and adults in the community at risk of; mental health issues, substance misuse, offending and social exclusion.
-Staff training in equality and diversity and creative approaches to working with diverse communities.
Training details
Length? Half a day or full day training
Target audience? Ideal for professionals and staff working with diverse groups of people; health, education, heritage, criminal justice or youth and community staff.
Training aims;
1.) To deliver up to date Equality and Diversity training. This ever-changing topic will give professionals the lates guidance. 
2.) To educate the group on Cornish history and culture in relation to equality and diversity. This includes Cornish black history, immigration history and women and LGBTQ history.
3.) Our training sessions use creative arts to engage our training group. Participants will get to take part in some street art style art work.
Informative and fun. We aim to create casual sessions that are inspiring, fun and informative. While bringing staff together in engaging creative activities and empowering them to go back to the workplace more aware of diversity issues and with tools to help address inequalities. 

Price list

Full day training £300*

Half day training £200*

Guest speaker hour presentation only £100


*Venue hire is not included but all art materials are. We can hire a venue which depending on how big the group is ranges from £40-£180.  

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